Glamour, Lush and Lavish in Cannes

//Glamour, Lush and Lavish in Cannes

When choosing your next get away, don’t overlook Cannes, the perfect vacation location full of glamour, lush and lavish experiences! So, what are the top experiences to be had in this great French Riviera city? We have put a list of some of our top choices below:

Top Glamour, Lush and Lavish Experiences in Cannes

  • Treat your body and soul at La Mas Candille Hotel, restaurant and Japanese zen spa and receive a five-star wellness experience. 
  • Follow up a relaxing massage with a freshly made cocktail at Plague du Gray d’Albain. This beach side hotel offers late night food, great cocktails to sip in heavenly lounge chairs and an overall cozy, low light atmosphere.
  • Visit Vieux Port, Old Port in anglais and hitch a ride on one of the luxury yachts. They might drop you off at Ile Saint Marguerite, famous for the eleven-year imprisonment of the Man in the Iron Mask from 1687.
  • When you’re searching for something delicious to eat stop by Le Marche Forville. This famous in door market sells local produce, flowers, seafood, meat, pastries and more, perfect for a champagne picnic.
  • If you’d rather have a glamorous affair go to Restaurant La Palme d’Or. This five star restaurant has two Michelin stars, outdoor seating and vegetarian options.
  • How could you ever top a delicious meal? Finish off a perfect night with a romantic view of Cannes at Musee de la Castre. An entire day can be dedicated to a Cannes shopping spree!
  • Checkout Upmarket shops along La Croisette, one of the most famous shopping centers in the French Riviera. Rue d’Antibes and Rue Meynadier are the districts to find clothes, cologne, jewels, watches and more. Treat yourself and have your dream luxury vacation in Cannes, cocktail in hand of course.

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