Historical Villages in the South of France

//Historical Villages in the South of France

Traveling should be anything but overwhelming. When it comes to destinations in the South of France, the only trouble one may find themselves in is picking from the remarkable choices of historical villages. The French Riviera is a destination hotspot with an abundance of quaint small towns and hillside villages, from Saint Tropez to Menton.

These small pieces of heaven offer an authentic cultural experience and breathtaking landscapes. However, many visitors with limited time want to know which historical villages should not be missed. So, we would like to quickly share a little information about our top choice:

Most Popular Historical Village in the South of France

Èze Village is an old world, picturesque exemplification of what the South of France has to offer. This hilltop village, suspended overlooking the sea is small in comparison, but can hold its own against neighboring cities, Nice and Monaco, and is only a bus ride away from either. The rocky terrain and overgrown wild flowers of the Èze hiking trail and medieval architecture is show stopping and reason enough for visitors from all regions to visit. We haven’t even mentioned the Fragonard Perfume Factory; sample perfume and cosmetics or take a tour of the factory free of charge! Boutiques featuring one of a kind art and ware as well as affordable restaurants with friendly staff (conscious of tourists that do not speak the native tongue), only amplify Èze as a perfect vacation destination proudly brought to you by the South of France.

And now to get to the literal cherry on top of this sublime place: the Jardin d’Èze, the exotic botanical garden with stunning views of the mountain and coast, all for four euro. If you find you can’t get enough, stay the night! Èze has a five-star hotel equipped with infinity pools in the private suites, a spa and lush garden of its own. A great luxurious accommodation option for visitors looking to get a unique and high-end experience. Èze is a prime historical village in the South of France, a little heaven on earth, but it comes with a disclaimer. All be warned, once you arrive it’ll be hard to leave!

Intrigued by these amazing village, contact us and we can organize a visit for you and your loved ones.

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