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Project Description


Luxury Concierge offers:

  • luxury yacht charter with experienced crew members onboard
  • yacht cruises in the French riviera
  • organizing special events on yachts

Luxury yachts are symbolic and a striking part of the French Riviera setting. The most impressive, enourmous and expensive yachts in the world are waiting for you here! In order to enjoy our offer of French Riviera Yacht Rental all you need to do is to invite your family, friends, coworkers or business partners and choose a port. Luxury Concierge French Riviera will take care of the rest and make sure that a yacht will be on time.

French Riviera yacht season kicks off in early spring and runs through to the end of autumn. The Riviera coastline offers 1000 km of yachting splendour to the richest businessmen, celebrities, politicians and royal families. Their yachts are docked in ports in Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Antibes and Nice. During Formula 1 Monaco they can enjoy viewing races from the deck and when Cannes Film Festival takes place they can organize evening cocktail parties on their yachts. In September the world’s biggest display of nautical wealth takes place –  Monaco Yacht Show – where the globe’s most affluent spenders hunt for new superyacht debuts launched.

The French Riviera with all its glamour is waiting to take you on a journey to The Lerins Islands, the Esterel Massif or the Bay of Angels in Nice. Are you ready for a cruise? French Riviera Yacht Rental is the offer you should consider right now!

french riviera yacht rental
french riviera yacht rental


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