Top Three Exclusive Hotels of the French Riviera

//Top Three Exclusive Hotels of the French Riviera

The South of France is a very popular site for visitors globally, which can lead to overcrowding and chaotic streets. For this reason, it is important to find a luxurious and exclusive accommodation where you can still enjoy all the wonders of the Riviera privately. This gets us into the most exclusive hotels of the French Riviera:

Seaside Seclusion in Luxury

The Cap Estel, located in Eze Bord-de-mer, 30 minutes from the Nice airport, is a boutique hotel surrounded by water. The hotel only has 28 rooms spread across four buildings, which provides guests with complete seclusion even from one another. The rooms vary across four levels and range from a two-person room to a suite suitable for a family. With all the amenities available to visitors after a long day of travel, this hotel truly knows how to bring luxury to guest’s fingertips with an infinite pool featuring panoramic views into the sea and a state-of-the-art spa.

Top of the Roc

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is home to celebrities and government officials from around the world. It is a 19th-century mansion which has been adapted into the Riviera’s most sought after hotel. You can enjoy traditional French décor, with Louis XV and XVI furnishings, gilded mirrors, and chandeliers. Nothing says exclusive hotel of the French Riviera like, a heated infinity pool, tennis courts, beach cabanas, and a Sisley spa. This hotel is full of so many luxurious amenities that guests have no need to leave the premise to enjoy everything the French Riviera has to offer.

All About the Resort

Home to the most exclusive private parties in Saint-Tropez, Hotel Byblos, is the place to stay if you are looking to get the utmost luxurious stay in the Riviera. It is known for its amenities, such as the heated outdoor pool and it ultra-exclusive nightclub, Caves-du-Roy. This small village of rooms is full of celebrities in the summer, which makes it specifically tough to find openings even months ahead.

Summary of the Exclusive Hotels of the French Riviera

Whether you are looking for a serene setting surrounded by nature, or a celebrity filled mini-village, there is something for everyone looking to explore the French Riviera in luxury. If you want to learn about other exclusive hotels or want to book any of the mentioned accommodations, Luxury Concierge is at your service. So go ahead and send us an email.

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