Top Seaside Restaurants in Cannes

//Top Seaside Restaurants in Cannes

Whether you are visiting Cannes for the film festival or for personal travel, you will need to know where to go and get the best meal by the sea! With over 15 seaside restaurants in Cannes to choose from, visitors can get overwhelmed with the options.

Not to worry, because we are here to share with you our top 3 luxurious seaside restaurant choices:

Top Seaside Restaurants in Cannes

  • Baoli Beach Restaurant made our list because the layout and décor of the venue is the definition of luxury. With an exclusive table at the end of the boardwalk extending into the walk, guests can enjoy from their Asian fusion seafood cuisine and a bottle of champagne while watching the sunset.
  • Plage Soleil is a long-standing staple of the Cannes seaside with its yellow parasols. Best known for its elegant dishes, with each detail carefully planned. Visitors can enjoy a more international cuisine at Plage Soleil while enjoying the seaside views.
  • L’Ecrin Plage, located a little further away from the main promenade provides guests with a serene seaside experience, with a more exclusive beach. The gastronomic level of the dishes matches its great customer service. The restaurant features great French dishes and an extensive list of wines.

Now that you have a list of the top seaside restaurants in Cannes you can feel confident that you enjoy the top gastronomic dishes this city has to offer with a view unlike any other place. Whether you want to go to any of these three places for lunch or dinner, you will receive the utmost attention and customer services, sure to leave you feeling at home. Go to our services page to learn more how we can help you plan the perfect trip to Cannes and make sure you have reservations at these exclusive restaurants.

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