Top Things to Do During the Monaco Grand Prix

//Top Things to Do During the Monaco Grand Prix

The Principality comes to life during the Monaco Grand Prix, and with so much going on it is hard to know what the top things to do are during this time. Therefore, we are here to help you narrow your choices down to the absolute must haves. Our recommendations will cover the best viewing areas!

Top Things to Do During the Monaco Grand Prix:

  • View the Grand Prix from a terrace – location is the most important thing when attending this event. There are a few places that are known for not only their great views but also luxurious amenities, such as the Ermanno Palace Terrace, the Majestic Palace Terrace, and the Palais Heracles Terrace. Each of these great locations offers a different benefit, such as views overlooking the award ceremony (Terrace Palais Heracles), or the ability to view 75% of the track (Terrace Top Roof Majestic).
  • View the Event from the Sea – another great location from which to view the race is from a yacht. That sounds like the best of both worlds from our perspective – sea and Formula 1 views – what else could you need during the Monaco Grand Prix? Whether it is renting your own yacht or joining an existing soiree.
  • Join the Center of the Action – grab a drink and join the viewing parties held at all the bars and restaurants in the port. You won’t have a dull moment being in the center of the action. There are two iconic bars that you can not miss during your afternoon in Monaco, La Rascasse and Stars’n’Bars!

This list of top things to do is only the beginning, there are many more exclusive and luxurious things to experience during the Monaco Grand Prix. If you want to learn more about other activities do not hesitate in contacting us for a bespoke itinerary that is sure to meet all your Grand Prix dreams!

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